Random redesign

User story:

Nick was sick this week and feeling like hiding from the world, and that means coding on stuff that he doesn’t think needs doing, but might be quite fun… :upside_down_face:

He was also haunted by Vasilis telling him how ugly he thought karrot was (no! he didn’t say that, he just said “Old School” (or even “Old Skool”?) - which maybe was even a compliment, he perhaps likes the old skool style). Anyhow, Nick was also getting bored of the Karrot design and thought it could do with a haircut, oh doesn’t life feel fresh after a haircut! :man_red_haired:

(On another day he was also fiddling about with a fancy screen casting setup and a nice microphone with a furry thing on the end :microphone: so screencasts are getting better!).


Hmm, well I think there is some detail to be worked out. Like is it a good idea at all. Does it make Karrot into a hipster site. Or a corporate site. Or bland. Or exiting. Or generic! We need your views :sunglasses:

… and then the code is OK, but definately a bit in the realm of playing around in places.

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward):

Some feedback!

Code is over at #2716 - WIP: Random redesign - karrot/karrot-frontend - Codeberg.org