Possibility to edit place statuses of cooperation

Whats below is just an idea, not a need.

User story:
As a group member, I would like to be able to create and edit place statuses to be able to filter the place gallery view page and describe places on the place page

Possibility to edit place cooperation statuses to describe places in more detail and filter places. From my own experience, I know that some places can work with a group in other terms than the default ones which are already in Karrot.


  • Greater ability to organize a group by adjusting place cooperation statuses to the needs of the group
  • Greater self-organization of a group members through the ability to filter by more place statuses

Possible acceptance criteria:

  1. Addition of “Place statuses” tab to group settings
  2. Giving the possibility to edit the places statuses in the terms of:
    1. Create/edit name of status
      1. Standard names - app translations
      2. Individual, not translated name created by the group
    2. Activity/archive Settings
    3. Color change
    4. Visibility on map
  3. Possibility to set new place statuses in individual place settings
    1. Redirecting via the “Manage statuses” button to the “Place statuses” tab in group settings - case as “Manage types”
  4. Possibility to filter places by new place statuses

pt. 1, 2. - place statuses in group settings

pt. 3. - place statuses in place settings

pt. 4. - place statuses filter in places gallery view

Potential use:
(in other places that are not the subject of this user story):

  • In group statistics
  • In activities filters

Additional info:

  1. Probably the logic behind displaying/availability of places with a given cooperation status is more complicated in backend than I think. It’s very possible that point 2.4 is not so simple to fulfill. Perhaps a hardcode addition of an additional type of status (if any group has such a need) would also do all the conditions without ability to set them by a group members.

  2. Usage examples:

  • Foodsharing Warszawa* cooperates with places that have regular pickups, but also with those where activity is added only when the owner of the place give us with information about the pickup. Usage example - dividing “Co-operating” to “Regular co-operation” and “Occasional co-operation”.
  • Foodsharing Warszawa* has special place for “one-time pickups”, which are marked as “Co-operating”, even though each collection is de facto a separate collection place. Application example - new status “One-time pickups”.
  • Foodsharing Warszawa* during negotiations with the new point conducts several test pickups. This can be considered by a different place status, something between “Negociating” and “Co-operating”. Usage example - new status “Trail co-operation”.

*Even though I am a member of Foodsharing Warszawa, I am not responsible for expressing their needs. The above examples are only intended to justify that the feature may also be useful for other groups.