Possibility to create Polls

User story: the possibility to create polls was a request from the Warsaw group. As an alternatie they’d like to be able to collect member’s e-mail addresses. Once they even did a little hack by creating a dummy profile so they could use the review membership feature and get all the people in the group to vote on a specific question.

from Log: incoming feedback in raw format - #4 by bruno

Complexity: new feature, so a lot of things to consider when designing this

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): more discussion on its design, either here or an a dedicated meeting, and some sketches/mockups

My comment on this idea is that it would definitely be useful! We in the Karrot team have touched upon this previously. There’s a lot of examples out there from different platforms on how to go about (including what you see below) in designing this feature. I think the possibility to define the answers on the polls gives more flexibility, instead of having fixed predefined answers.

Which tool has your favorite kind of poll?

  • Discourse
  • Loomio
  • Telegram
  • Jitsi
  • Teams
  • Other

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