Pickup conversations

A new feature just arrived, did you already try it out?

With pickup conversations the collectors of one specific pickup date can communicate to arrange the details, like who comes with what kind of vehicle. You can also tell your fellow collectors if you run late or if something is different today.

Do you have thoughts and/or questions regarding this new feature?

I think pick up conversations become much more interesting as soon as the app is available (or in the store, i think that will come soon right?)

Will the pick up chat close as soon as the time of the pick up is through? probably, because the pick ups disappear at this moment as well? (the feature arrived after i did my last pick up) i can imagine it would be good to have it open maybe half an hour longer if somebody is running late or something?

In general i think it is a brilliant feature

Great feature and really necessary! I think it will not be easily adopted atm though because people haven’t found out about it, and even if you know about it, it can be left in the background as you don’t get any kind of notification. Like Teddy said, push notifications on a mobile app would solve this issue, together with notifications within the UI itself. The latter would be particularly useful for me and others using Karrot on a pc.

In the current frontend implementation, pickup chats become more or less inaccessible after the pickup is over. They can still be accessed and replied to by clicking the link in the notification email though.

From my point of view, they should stay accessible a few days after the pickup, then get locked and vanish a few weeks later. How does that sound?

Pickup chat messages have the same kind of notifications as group wall messages (emails, app push and browser push). As the app is not very public yet and browser push is hidden at the bottom of the user settings page, it’s likely that it will take a while until the feature gets used.

Maybe the pickup chat should open automatically when you join a pickup that has already other collectors?

That sounds like a good idea!

I tried out yesterday to open the pickup chat when joining, but it felt too intrusive to me.