Organize outside Facebook: the Why and the How

Here’s the first draft on why and how to organize your foodsaving community outside Facebook with some suggestions on which other tools to use and some reflections on implications. Most of it is obviously based on my own experience here in Gothenburg but I figured it should also be useful to some other initiatives elsewhere, regardless if they’re just starting or well established.

Edit: here’s the post

Anyone’s welcome to comment, edit, proof-read etc. I still need to add links and review it once more myself. I’m hoping we can publish a final version of the text here and on the blog.
Disroot pads


How about posting it to the Foodsaving blog, @djahnie and @nicksellen?

Any remarks, dislikes or likes? Anything to be changed? I’m adding the links now…

Ooh, great, thanks for the article, I always like your mix of pragmatism and idealism :slight_smile:

I made a few minor changes in a copy of it (here Disroot pads) - just check if I got your meaning in the opening paragraph correct, I wasn’t sure.

Do you have any pictures we could add in to break up the text a bit? Other than that I would put it on, maybe split some of the longer paragraphs into smaller ones (as it has quite a narrow layout and easily looks like a wall of text).

Also, we’re thinking to try and divert comments back to this forum instead of using disqus, maybe we can start with this one… maybe just as simple as including a link at the bottom (instead of trying to embed it).

Thank you so much for the feedback, Nick!

It looks better now, less confusing, so let’s go with it.

I’ll try to add maybe some pictures of Karrot, Discourse or Rocket Chat. And let me see what I can do about the paragraphs, it’s my bad habit using the long ones, but I won’t promise anything :grin:

Definitely do it!

Published! Organize outside Facebook - Foodsaving Today

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