Occupy both spots - Feature suggestion

Could there be a possibility to occupy 2 spots by one person if someone is, for example, by car and doesn’t need help or is later taking the things to a big event and can distribute everything alone? There should maybe be some question before clicking the second spot “Are you sure you will pick everything up and distribute it alone?” I think this feature would be very helpful! Thanks!

I’m not sure if i like or dislike your suggestion.

On the one hand i think it is a kind of fairness, that as many people as possible get a share of the food which is saved. But of course it’s not only about getting the food but mainly about saving it in the first place.
On the other hand maybe that’s my “old fashoined” thinking of the way Foodsharing.de does it in germany. And also we had the situation before that we wanted to occupy more spaces to bring the food to a foodsharing event later on, there we just had more people signing up for the pick up.

What do you think? Do you have many people picking up and could some feel offended if somebody picks up many times?
I am wondering about this anyway. On Foodsharing in germany there have sometimes been bans, so you could only pick up 1x a week at a major supermarket, this is not possible thanks to the beautiful non hirarchy on karrot.
With us in Sweden (Östersund) we don’t have any problems at the moment, as we do not have too many people wanting to pick up. So I think there is no jealousy happening here.

I actually know that in Germany people would also (at some some) appreciate the option of saying that they can pick up alone, but it doesn’t exist, so they write everyone “hey, no need to help me, I’ll manage alone”. There could be some other way than just a simple possibility to occupy both spots, some special button or comment to show it, but still allow others to sign up if they want to.
[Bans for once a week is another topic, I guess.]

Just as a sidenote as I’m cycling to Warszawa at the moment: Karrot users have two ways of achieving something similar to occupying both spots:

  1. They can change the “max collectors” number for an individual pickup. This can be done in the “pickup manage” settings of the store, then open the pickup series and scroll to “upcoming pickups in this series”. Changing this only affects a single pickup.

  2. They can write in the pickup chat that they want to pick up alone.

Yes… but I think that it’s not optimal.

  1. Will not be available to the newbies. And that’s actually good, some even non-newbies don’t necessarily feel comfortable with changing the settings and may by mistake change something else.
  2. Yes, but doesn’t the chat go only to the people who are already registered, so if I’m the only registered, then I’ll write to myself and when tomorrow someone will register, they might not see the message.
    In general - it would be cool to have such an option, but one can also live without it - so maybe not the first on the priority list, at least for us ;-).

Thanks for specifying the quite low priority for this, @karolina, this gives me the liberty to dream a bit about it… :wink:

I know that blocking complete pickups for events is a quite common use-case, and I think that’s good. If foodsavers go to events, distribute food to strangers and tell them about our mission, then that’s definitely preferable to just some people not having to do grocery shopping, if you know what I mean…
So, I could imagine having a badge displayed in the pickup, if someone pressed the special button Karolina mentioned. It would not occupy or remove slots, but would make clear, that the food saved from this pickup goes to a higher cause, that helps the whole initiative. People who sign up for this pickup anyways do it to help out and not to take food home with them.
I think this is a nice-to-have feature that may or may not come at some point in the future…^^

if someone pressed the special button Karolina mentioned. It would not occupy or remove slots, but would make clear, that the food saved from this pickup goes to a higher cause, that helps the whole initiative

(With my dreaming hat on too). This could be related to the feature discussion about fair-share points / dropoff locations - a pickup could actually be associated with a fair-share point / dropoff location. It could be that if you connect it like that, and consider you can do it on your own, a button could be added that just does the same as modifying the individual pickup collector count to 1 (or rather to the number of currently signed up collectors) - like a “we got this covered” button.