New group in Forbach in eastern France

I have created a new foodsaving/ foodsharing group in my French neighbour town Forbach (Grand Est / Moselle). Karrot

Some foodsavers who save food on the German side of the border, in Saarbrücken, live in places on the French side.

In addition, there are already other foodsharing activities in the town of Forbach like a public fridge (“frigo solidaire”). The idea is to network and find out whether food still needs to be saved in existing businesses.

Feel free to contact me if you interested to build up a foodsaving/foodsharing group in another city in France.


Great to see new efforts in France!

Have you had contacts with other French groups using Karrot? Just curious…

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Yes, we do have contacts with other French groups using Karrot like DLC in Western France.