Karrot Spring roadmap session

We are resuming the roadmap meeting! But with a few changes.

It’s important to realise that with karrot we don’t have a secret committee that plans what to work on, it’s decided by the contributors that participate.

If you think you might participate as a contributor to karrot in the next 3 months (however much or little that might be), then please consider to fill out this short questionnaire form thing → :memo: Contributor

You can also come along to our roadmap session 2021-04-05T10:00:00Z where we’ll discuss how we can collaborate to realise our ideas for karrot over the next 3 months. (It would be helpful if you have filled out the contributor questionnaire in advance, but it is not a requirement).

The exact session format is still a work in progress, but you can have a peek at our last roadmap session notes (Roadmap meeting - #3 by nicksellen) for some idea (most of those questions are collected in the questionnaire now though).

You are also invited to contribute any thoughts or ideas in this forum thread if that is easier for you :star:

The previous outcomes of roadmap meetings have been:

  • finding out how much time/motivation people have to contribute within the next 3 months
  • hearing which areas people are interested in working on
  • wondering how we can support each other to progress the topics we’re interested in
  • chatting about how these come together into a more coherent direction
  • updating the github issues and forum threads to cross reference related things, close completed issues, categorise the issues into 4 types
  • update our roadmap document

We can also choose to reimagine parts of the roadmap process itself, and how to present the outcomes.

History of roadmap meetings

  • originally a long session sat in person going through the GitHub issues and categorising/prioritising them, with some discussions amongst us, it became an increasingly long and lonely task
  • we added a bot that auto-closes old issues to make it less overwhelming, issues can still be kept open if people find them important still, we also tried to start using the forum more for discussions
  • the roadmap meeting got re-imagined to find out more about peoples personal situations, how they wanted to contribute in the next 3 month period, and how we might work together
  • we missed one session, and wondered how to make it easier to participate in different ways
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