Karrot android app offline

Hey everyone.

In our small foodsharing group we all experience trouble with the android app. We cannot see who signed up for a pick-up nor sign up for new pick-ups. I read a note on small letters that I am offline, when that’s not true for other apps on my phone.

The website is still accessible to us, so that’s not terrible. We recently started migrating more functions on Karrot and the app was really useful! So I’m wondering if other people experience the same trouble.

Thank you in advance :sunflower: Alkis from Arnhem, Netherlands

Hi Alkis!

Yes, it is unfortunately no longer supported. A lot of things might break since our latest release. But there’s an alternative! Check it out here:

Thanks for the heads-up Bruno!

I’ve created a PWA on my home screen and seems to work as good. Thank you for all your work! :sunflower:

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Thanks for making that post @bruno !

To clarify: the PWA is different than installing the Karrot apk directly or? Is the latter still supoprted?

The PWA is different indeed, there is no APK involved there at all.

It’s a good observation though, as there were two reasons why it was hard to continue to support the play store app, one is building the APK, the other was just about play store.

However, I think the PWA is more friendly to use than trying to install an APK directly (which requires you to go into settings and allow apps from untrusted sources), so effectively, if we can’t support a play store app easily, might as well go full PWA :slight_smile: