Karrot Android APK on F-droid

Noticed that the Karrot Android app has been released on Google Play Store.

Its great that the app has been realased, we can reach more users and hopefully engage more foodsavers.

Not a super priority but i would like to suggest devs to look into the possibility to also realase the APK via the F-droid repositories, for those who are finally De-google-ifying the internet.

Being listed on F-droid could also invite other free and open source software devs to join the project.

Looking forward to testing the app and give feedback.

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F-Droid unfortunately can’t build and deliver apps with Firebase in it, so we would need to implement another push service. If you can find a developer who wants to take up this task, then there’s a chance that may happen. Otherwise, there’s always the option to install the APK manually: https://karrot.world/app.apk

Edit: it might be worth investigating how Telegram does it, they have a version on F-Droid.

We could host our own F-Droid repo, like the Briar messaging app does. This would help getting updates if you’re not installing from Play Store.
It seems not super hard and doesn’t need much internal knowledge about Karrot, so could be something that a new contributor would want to work on. Needs a server, though.

Side note: Telegram on F-Droid is stripped of GCM/FCM and uses a fallback always-on push service.

since i saw this post i have tried several times to find the app, but i cannot find it anywhere, neither via the link nor through searching in the app store… what do I do wrong?

How does this link look for you? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=world.karrot

thanks! it works now. Unfortunately not on my phone - too old i guess :frowning:

Do you know which Android version you are on?

4.1.1, no updates available :confused:

May be worth checking if LineageOS or another custom ROM is available for your phone.

But I think there’s no reason why Karrot shouldn’t work on your phone. Can install it directly from https://karrot.world/app.apk? You may need to allow installs from APKs somewhere in the Android settings.

It says it is not compatible with my phone. Well I’ll have a look into your suggestions but i’m like a dinosaur when it comes to that kinda stuff :smiley: maybe I can learn something now :+1: