[Issue] A user cannot join a pickup while on mobile phone

A user in Warsaw group has reported an issue with joining a pickup while on mobile phone (iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 13.1.2, Safari browser). This is a video which demonstrates this issue:

According to the user, it doesn’t work regardless of a chosen date or place. It did work last week and earlier.

User ID: 1944. He recorded a video yesterday at 8:55 pm Polish time.

We would be gratefull for some support.

Weird, I didn’t publish any changes since July or so. Maybe the users’ phone was recently updated and so Safari changed?

What I see on the video: slots except for one are full, so I guess the user clicked on the free slot and the user picture shows, but no confirmation dialog comes up?

We have a blind spot on Apple devices, because nobody from the current Karrot dev team has one. We discussed some options in the last call and the best way forward would be to find a developer with Mac and iPhone.

You are right, there is no confirmation dialog which means the user actually didn’t join the pick up and this is why it doesn’t work. I will talk to a user, maybe Safari blocks this pop up message somehow?

It’s not really a popup message since it happens completely on the website.

Did you find out more?

Maybe it also got fixed with the new Karrot version.

I asked the user who raised this but I haven’t received any answer so far.

I got to witness this problem recently, also on Safari, from an Ipad. We found out that in order to get the confirmation dialog the user should click again on the slot. Only then it is possible to confirm and actually join the pickup.