Introduce shortcuts for text formatting

User story: I often use short-cuts to format text and that’s not supported
Strg + B = bold
Strg + I = italic
Strg + U = underline
Alt + Shift + 5 or Strg + Alt + 5 = strikethrough (i see different versions)

And once I’m here. Now I notice that the question mark doesn’t go anywhere (well, I see the url, but I can’t click it)

Complexity: I suppose rather low

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward):
It could be implemented right away. Seems like a bit specific request, but I want to get more used with this board so here we go!

So, a few pointers, to see if it helps to get going with it.

Quite often, when I’m learning I set up a fresh standalone project, so I can familiarise myself with some concepts, without the context of the rest of the karrot code, so two paths for that:

  • create an empty vue.js project
    • :point_right: Quick Start | Vue.js
    • (use “yarn” as it’s what we use for karrot)
    • can select options to match karrot:
      • typescript: no
      • jsx: no
      • vue router: yes
      • pinia: no
      • vitest: yes
      • end-to-end: no
      • eslint: yes
      • prettier: no
  • create an empty quasar project
    • :point_right: Quick Start | Quasar Framework
    • (use “yarn” as it’s what we use for karrot)
    • can select options to match karrot:
      • app with quasar CLI
      • quasar v2
      • javascript
      • quasar app cli with vite
      • sass with indented syntax
      • eslint (could select axios + vue-i18n too, but not really important)

You can also jump right into Karrot frontend dev:

For the task itself, I think it makes sense to think of it in 3 parts:

  1. detecting that the user has pressed a certain combination of keys
  1. detirmining which text the user has selected
  1. modifying the message to add or remove the correct markdown formatting
  • I think this is the most fiddly bit, would be worth exploring how it works in other markdown editors (e.g. discourse) in different scenarios
  • has to determine when to add the formatting, and when to remove it
  • then emit the changed value

Ok, should be enough to get started! :hugs:

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