Importing map points into external app (e.g. OsmAnd, Oruxmaps)

I use OsmAnd for city navigation, and have copied some of the map points from karrot into OsmAnd manually, which is quite painful, I wonder if there is a neat way to either do an export from karrot, then import, or actually have the ability to live load them. I didn’t look into it much yet.

Then I wonder if other people would find this kind of feature useful? I mean the map inside karrot works, but it’s never going to have all the features of a dedicated map application.

OsmAnd has POIs, GPX files, overlay maps, OruxMaps probably has a bazillion things … at a guess adding GPX export from karrot might be the simplest and most viable option.


(excuse the tinted screenshots… it’s twilight)

Aha, I made a quick version to try it out, seems quite useful to me. OsmAnd let’s you choose whether to import as gpx points or add to favourites.

Seem good to have the GPX export for this use case. I don’t think many people need it, so it could be rather hidden (e.g. only on the fullscreen map).

PR → Add GPX export to fullscreen map by nicksellen · Pull Request #1965 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub