Impact of the press

I guess we have all experienced that the press just loves foodsharing. They like writing about it, recording our activities and spreading the word.

How do you normally handle the press? Did you ever have negative experiences? Do you have people, who are specifically responsible for talking to the press?

Oh, and can you please link your favorite press release about your initiative? :slight_smile:


It is also my experience that the press even contact us by themselves to publish our movement.
The press is important for us to reach out to people and to motivate new people.

Negative experience: A false statement about me was published in a newspaper article. The apples I had saved were not from my own garden, because I don’t have an own garden.

My favorite link:


Thanks for sharing, @Enis! :smiley:

When we started foodsharing in Wurzen we did call the press ourselves, because we wanted them to promote our month of focused foodsharing expansion (which we called ‘foodsharing February’). They were happy to get a story served on a silver platter and this is what came out of it:

We were quite lazy talking to the press, but suddenly they appeared and wanted to talk to us. The first was an article about us and also a store (its owner). then the next newspaper didn’t wait long to also do an interview. From that article, we suddenly got a contact from the radio as well. This interview is still to be made :slight_smile:
After the two articles we also got a huge boost of new members on karrot!

This is the first article and it was really well written