Global Commoning System collaboration

Just a thread started from our nice karrot cafe introduction today.

Points from dave:

Future Collaboration/Cooperation

  • Physical Meeting
  • Commicate Karrot Ideas to GCS
  • Get Ideas from GCS for karrot dev
  • Make a post on public forum (foodsaving world wide) to stay in contact

(and GCS has a forum over here →

And a lightly edited copy/paste of the jitsi chat… it’s a bit messy, but some nice links :slight_smile:

me says:really nice walk through dave :smiley:
me says:the version of the original yunity vision is over here →
me says:global commoning system →
me says:issmit app →
me says:there is Brunos article/paper thing on food waste as a commons, maybe interesting →
Katie Berns says:Artefact Ecology
Florian (er) says:
Florian (er) says:Here’s the website to the overview above:
me says:
me says:
me says:
Florian (er) says: