Global Commoning System collaboration

Just a thread started from our nice karrot cafe introduction today.

Points from dave:

Future Collaboration/Cooperation

  • Physical Meeting
  • Commicate Karrot Ideas to GCS
  • Get Ideas from GCS for karrot dev
  • Make a post on public forum (foodsaving world wide) to stay in contact

(and GCS has a forum over here →

And a lightly edited copy/paste of the jitsi chat… it’s a bit messy, but some nice links :slight_smile:

me says:really nice walk through dave :smiley:
me says:the version of the original yunity vision is over here →
me says:global commoning system →
me says:issmit app →
me says:there is Brunos article/paper thing on food waste as a commons, maybe interesting →
Katie Berns says:Artefact Ecology
Florian (er) says:
Florian (er) says:Here’s the website to the overview above:
me says:
me says:
me says:
Florian (er) says:

Hello agein, finally.

Sorry, that it took that long since we met in August. As the ‘Global Commoning System’-project-team we had our first meeting in person in September and we decided there, that from our side, we would definitely like to cooperate with you. After our meeting in September, we concepted a draft how a possible cooperation could look like. But one of the main problems of our project is - despite the ‘global’ in the name - that all our concepts and discussions are in German only. As karrot is a real international project, we thought that any kind of cooperation would be very hard, if karrot-project-members do not have any chance to find out what we as ‘global commoning system’ are doing/ are aiming for. Now, we have a short presentation of our concept to the current state in english and for us it is a huge step.

So, if someone is interested who we are / what we are aiming for:

And this is our first draft of a paper, in which a possible cooperation between karrot and gcs is outlined:

Please note, that it is only an idea / a proposal and please also note, that we as ‘Global Commoning System’ may exist as a project for three years, but our conception is still unfinished, the development has just begun and money is a problem. So if you are interested in a cooperation, I think you won’t have to do something right now. We will try to push the development of gcs in your direction and I think the interesting part of the cooperation is to define interfaces, how our apps can communicate with each other, while keeping in mind, that it could be the base for communication with other infrastructures in the future. I think, that it is always good for commoning as a whole, when users are not locked into different systems, but can expand their possibilities to act through different environments.

If you have any questions, opinions or like to discuss something, we will be there for it. Through our wage-labor and/or family situations, our project develops pretty slow at the moment, but we are working on it continually. So we would love to discuss the possible cooperation with you, but if you have too much other things on your mind right now, we can wait until you are ready :slight_smile:

That’s it for the moment! Cheers!

Some Links to our project:
Gitlab: API / APP
Fediverse: Funkwhale / Peertube / Mastodon