Foodsharing in Belgium - event on 7 October in Arlon near Luxembourg

The educational farm La Ferme du Bout du Monde in Arlon, Belgium very close to Luxembourg city invites you to a day full of meetings and workshops on the themes of transition to a more sustainable and fairer world.

There will also be a discussion on food waste and food sharing. The idea is to launch foodsharing in Belgium, and particularly in Arlon.

The programme and registration details can be found here:

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Hey Jonas, Unfortunately I wont be able to make it to Arlon this Saturday, but I am moving to Brussels in the middle of the month and am wondering how foodwaste is handled in Brussels specifically. If there is no comparable association to foodsharing in place yet in the city, I would like to try and found one. Do you think you could refer me to people who might know a bit more about this in Brussels specifically?
Thanks already, Moritz

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Hey Moritz, Yes, I know two colleagues in Brussels who plan to set up foodsharing in Brussels and who already know similar existing initiatives. Pease send me an e-mail to I speak German as well. Cheers, Jonas

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report from the meeting. There were again very few people interested in setting up a foodsharing group in Arlon (B) last Saturday 7 October. As far as I know, it was Katy’s second attempt. Well, we’ve now got some contacts in the town and we’re going to keep trying with that. It’s likely that an information meeting specifically dedicated to foodsharing will also be better. It’s easier and clearer to communicate. We’ll probably also have to do some targeted advertising with flyers at the local environmental campus, with initiatives and in Arlon town centre, as well as via social media and the press. My colleague Bianca from Brussels is going to organise another meeting of the foodsharing network for Belgium in Brussels or Namur. I’m currently following the development of foodsharing in France. So one way or another, Arlon will certainly be able to benefit from it.