[Fixed] Bug report: Favourite points do not work correctly

Favourite points do not work correctly in Karrot.

  1. They are not marked with a star in the panel on the left:

  1. Availalble pickups in favourite points can’t be seen on the Wall:

Hi @mzpawlowski , nice to hear from you again!

I just tried the “favorite places” feature on karrot.world and it works fine here: selecting a place as favorite adds a star in the sidenav and shows upcoming pickups on the wall.

I noticed on your screenshot that the top right “star” button is grey instead of green - that usually means that the place is not marked as favorite. That also fits with the observation that you don’t see any upcoming pickups and don’t have a green star in the sidenav.

The only thing that’s out of place is your picture in the list of people.

Can you confirm that this is still the case when you reload the page?

I should have added more details before:

  • Everything works fine when I mark new points as favorite. Star is added in the sidenav and upcoming pickups appear on the wall.
  • I used to have several favorite places and I don’t have any now. However, when I check them, my picture still appears in the list of people who marked the point as favorite. Nothing also happens when I try to add these points again as favorite (top right “star” remains grey and star is not added to the sidenav) which confirms they are already favorite but for some reason are not displayed as ones. Only when I remove them from favorite and add again, it will work fine.
  • This has not happened only for me. Many users in Warsaw group reported this behaviour.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I think I found the problem. Will try to resolve it and then release today!

I still cannot reproduce the problem, so I’m not sure if I fixed it. Please check again in around 1 hour.

Hi. Yes. All my favorite points now how a star in the sidenav and appear in the upcoming pickups on the Wall. Thanks!

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