[Fixed] Bug: pickup collectors are not sorted by join date

doesnt work for our group at least. And its wanted.

Hey @Disa, thanks for this bug report! I remember that we fixed one part of it, but it could be that it’s not completely fixed.
This is the first time I hear about it, so would be great to get more information - when does it happen, is there a pattern to it? Is the sorting the same when somebody else from your group is logged in?

Me and one more person always get our own slot last, and one person always first, when were logged into our own account. Im not sure, but it could be that all other persons that have signed up to the same pickup are ordered by join date. I should look more for this.

Ah, right! I forgot about this part of the code. It probably always shows your own slot last… will look into it.

Ok, so you think all other are sorted by date. Thats good to know.

Now its fixed. Thanks!