Fix notifications for approved role (when custom name applies)

User story: I asked Nick to activate the approved role in my group with a custom name, specific for our group. It looks fine in some places, whereas others it is still mixed with the name approved in English.

So the idea is that it can be a custom name for the groups. There’s no UI for the group to set it yet so it has to be requested to be changed manually in the database, but it should be available in the future, on group settings.

Here are the places where the name of the role shows up:

  • On user’s profile, it looks fine although the name repeats itself.

  • bell notification still shows approved, like X received role: approved instead of the custom name

  • e-mail notification shows both: You received enough trust from fellow group members to now have the role: approved and in a line below it shows the custom name Rutinerad

  • pickup description shows open for approved

Complexity: apparently not difficult to fix (?)

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): it seems to me as ready for development