First step for "Breaking the Silo"

Dear Community,

I have a nice idea for a first, easy light version of “Breaking the Silo”.

We have chat groups with lot of people, who also would like to get active. With “shareable” links a lot time can be saved.

Situation: There is a store for pickup on carrot. Now I want to share some of the store details to the chat group.
Idea: In the settings of a “store” or “place” u can define 2 templates.

** first template **
A template text for the group (Without the exact adress)

an example:

+++ Robin Foods Pickup 🦸🥕 +++
🥕 Organic School Food @ [CITY+DISTRICT] 
📆 [Date], [Time]
📦 [REQUIREMENTS] ( like are u able to carry 5 crates, do you have a cargo bike?)
👉 Then write me a private message

If someone is interested, this person will send u a priavte message like “Hi. Im interested for the pickup.”
To responde to this private message, there is a 2nd template with details:

** second template **
A template text for the private message to member from the chat group who ist interested for pickup

an example:

+++ confirmation message +++
🥕 Organic School Food
📆 [Date], [Time]
📱 Join our robin foods network so you can easy sign up yourself for pickups: Register @ [LINK TO KARROT GROUP]

How to get the text?

For each activity there is a button. If you click on it the text will be copied automatically to your clipboard and u can paste it where u want

Here is a picture of the idea:

Its still bit of work, but will help us a lot!


Cool, thanks for the idea Dave!

Here’s a little mockup of another version of this idea, based on the discussion you and Nick had on our Karrot group.

I like it better, since this “Share” button allows for other ways of sharing activity details in the future. Or even ways to actually join activities without being part of the group.