Exploring different commoning use cases for Karrot

We’ve long talked about what Karrot is for, what’s the concept behind it, and as we go along refining it, we’re coming closer to the idea of supporting the commons, that is, Karrot as a tool to support the practice of commoning. How we define commoning exactly will evolve with our explorations, but provisionally we could say that it’s about self-governing groups owning and taking care of common resources. So far the main practice of commoning that Karrot has supported has been mainly food saving groups.

So what would Karrot be able to offer different groups practicing commoning? What would that mean in terms of features, existing and to be developed? What are these groups specific needs?

Let’s use this thread to collect examples of different use cases, thoughts and ideas.

To begin with, I found this looking quickly into the forum I found:

And Log: incoming feedback in raw format - #7 by nicksellen