España/Foodsaving in Spanien

Hi everybody,

I recently moved to Málaga/Spain and would like to try to kick off foodsaving here.

Does anyone happen to be around here or know somebody who could be interested in participating?

I am also grateful for any suggestions on how to get started!

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I don’t know anything about foodsaving in Spain myself, but Foodsharing Bilbao is active and using Karrot, it might be a useful connection, or inspiration :slight_smile:

There are also 3 inactive groups on Karrot in Spain, and potentially the people in them have useful tips, or maybe have moved (you should be able to view their email addresses in case they don’t read their messages on there):

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There’s also Nevera Solidaria project in Spain, also from Bilbao and thay have around 20 fridges in some bigger cities. They are not in Málaga but maybe it will be useful if you’re going to travel through the country.

… and this article too: Foodsharing Bilbao - The Beginning, maybe for some inspiration!

Hi @Elisabeth_Walther,

I don’t know anything about foodsaving in Málaga specifically.
But these links might be interesting to you: