Enforcing pickup feedbacks

In Warsaw we made providing feedbacks obligatory. How about other groups?

We discussed it a lot and first we didn’t want to make feedbacks (how it went and how much was saved) obligatory, but after many meetings, we decided to make it obligatory. Feedback is important as it: helps others know what to expect, shows whether there are some problems, checks whether the person actually went and did the pickup.

We were also wondering whether there could be an option to block a user from doing next pickups if they didn’t fill out anything about x number of last pickups or about 1 pickup but within a week. Something along these lines.

At Foodsharing Luxembourg, we have a rule that states that at least one person that has participated in the pickup must give feedback. I agree with the advantages you list, @karolina. As far as I know, there is currently no option to block people if they do not comply.

I can imagine one day implementing some “computer-enforced” rules that you could set up like this. But it would take quite some thinking to make it useful for all groups, as it would need to be configurable.

The two cases I can think of right now are what you describe above, and limiting how many pickups someone can do at a given place within a given time.

Until then, the other solution is to present you with the information you need, to then enforce these rules yourself, through human communication.

The Statistics page could be used for this, and to include the number of feedback given too? How would that be?

Perhaps that’s not ideal, as you would need to check each person individually there…