District attribute for places

Whats below is just an idea, not a need.

User story:
As a group member, I’d like to be able to create and edit place districts to be able to filter places in more detail and describe places on the place page

The ability to create and edit place districts, which will allow to describe places more precisely and filter them. Currently, there is no such possibility, so in the case of a large number of places, less mobile members have to check every place manually.


  • Making easier to filter places for group members, according to their area of activity
  • Better description of the place - indicating the district clearly defines the city area where the place is located, without having need to check the place address or map.

Possible acceptance criteria:

  1. Addition of “Districts” tab to group settings
  2. Giving the possibility to edit districts in terms of:
    1. Create/edit name of district
      1. Individual, not translated name created by the group
        (no translations - probably each group will have individual districts)
    2. Activity/Archive districts
    3. Defining if it’s located within city borders
  3. Possibility to set new district in individual place settings
    1. Redirecting via the “Manage districts” button to the “Districts” tab in group settings - same case as “Manage types”
    2. Location of this setting near near the map container
  4. Possibility to filter places by districts
    1. In first order - alphabetically within the city borders
    2. In second order - alphabetically outside the city borders

pt. 1, 2. - dristict list in group settings

pt. 3. - choosing district in place settings

pt. 4. - filter in places gallery view

Potential use:
(in other places that are not the subject of this user story):

  • In the statistics of places to identify activity in the area / recruit new places in area / increase activity in area.
  • In group member settings (including multichoice) and member statistics to identify the number of group members in different areas.

Additional info:
The question is how to approach it. The mockups do not reflect 100% of the correct use of districts, because in the example of London, the inner districts were marked as within the city area and the outer ones as outside the city area (which is not true). Perhaps “area” would be a better name for an attribute than “districts”. Nevertheless, for example Foodsharing Warszawa* also operates outside of Warsaw. These are not districts, but smaller cities just outside Warsaw and they have a small number of places with which it cooperates.

*Even though I am a member of Foodsharing Warszawa, I am not responsible for expressing their needs. The above examples are only intended to justify that the feature may also be useful for other groups.