Discourse upgrade and plugins

Just starting the upgrade process, so it’ll go offline for a bit, and hopefully back up soon with new shiny features!

Upgrade is complete :slight_smile:

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I just upgraded again, and also added three new plugins :rocket::

  • assign - so we can assign incoming emails to people to handle
  • topic voting - maybe it’s something we can use for upvoting which feature/topic to focus on in karrot (it’s to upvote a whole topic/thread within a category, as opposed to a poll, which is voting within a single message)
  • checklist - I like this in GitHub, could be useful here! Example below…

Example checklist:

  • a nice
  • checklist
  • to keep everything
  • in order :slight_smile:
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I did another upgrade, primarily to add the calendar plugin, which you can see in use at Karrot event calendar (and Testing the calendar plugin),

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I just upgraded discourse and also added the translator plugin which adds a little globe to posts so you can translate them!

Not sure entirely how it works… e.g. I don’t know if you view it with a browser/locale set to France/French whether it’ll offer to translate all the English posts. But at least, it let me translate the recent French post into English!

Update: it does! So if you have your discourse interface language set to Deutsch (for example), then it’ll offer to translate all the English posts into German.

It’s using microsoft translator that is connected to my personal account (which was quite painful to setup actually…).

I added two more plugins:


This one let’s us create “survey” forms. I’m thinking about it for an async “roadmap” meeting thing, to collect peoples interests, commitments, etc… but could be other stuff too…

It seems pretty powerful, and can be used to populate custom user fields, so we could store info about our current interests/commitments inside discourse custom user fields.


This let’s us create any random custom pages to show content from discourse, I was thinking in the context of a “karrot team page” that can use custom user fields and display it all nicely.

I created an example page to play around a bit https://community.karrot.world/example-landing-page

For the translation plugin in discourse it uses microsoft translator, but the last API key expired/broke because it was on my personal account and I ignored their emails… but I just fixed that up, so it works again.

As you might have noticed, I moved this site from community.foodsaving.world to community.karrot.world to better reflect it’s purpose, as discussed in Moving forum and chat to karrot.world subdomains?

It also updated discourse at the same time, so things look slightly shinier :slight_smile: