Digital Public Good

Hi all,
there is a new initiative on highest level. » Digital Public Goods Standard

I think it would be worth being a part of.


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Thanks! It looks a nice initiative.

To me it looks a bit daunting to satisfy all their criteria, e.g. writing policies about all these horrible things people might do.

We are such a small team :confused:

Also, their license list doesn’t include some of the ones that related to Beyond open source, e.g. the hippocratic license (not that we use that).

Do you have any idea what the benefit of being a certified Digital Public Good would be?

I don’t know the direct benefit, apart from raising awareness of your project. There is a lot of money available somewhere in the world and too few valuable ideas.

I would like to support Karrot in development, but I am alone and totally without money. My ideas have even worse financial support than your development community.

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