Cooperation to kickstart foodsaving in some Swedish cities


In Gothenburg we cooperate with an Asian restaurant called Chili&Wok and they also exist in many other Swedish cities. They were the ones who contacted us in the first place and now they are seeking other similar partners on the following cities:

Kristianstad, Skövde, Karlstad, Örebro, Linköping och Växjö

I know there’s not a lot of people active in Sweden in this forum, besides people from Solikyl and Foodsharing Östersund, but I figured I leave this in case anyone who lives in any of these cities or know someone there would stumble upon this opportunity.

(also I had a hard time categorizing this post, so admins are welcome to find the right place for it)

There is a Svenska category:

Maybe you can cross post in Swedish there too.

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It’s so cool, that a store asks for more cooperations!

@bruno: what do you think? should we maybe make a FoodsavingSverige Slack? I feel it would be good to connect within the country and support each other/share ideas.
I had the plan to make a Östersund Slack anyway as another way to communicate within FoodsharingÖstersund. So we could combine it and have national and local channels…

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Nice, huh? Unfortunately they don’t have a restaurant in Östersund.

I’d like to avoid Slack. Wouldn’t it work to have these discussions on this channel? Even Solikyls forum, which is also a Discourse forum could be an interesting place, if we create our own category. Or we could even do it on Karrot by creating another group there. Let’s use the open-source tools at our disposal. :slight_smile:

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moved recently to Stockholm for an indefinte span of time. Before was an active foodsaver in Germany. Plan to connect with likewise
and start with few cooperations. Does anyone has any contact in Stockholm?