Community Task Management Board

User story:
Activities are scattered in different places on Karrot groups. Since recently groups can have a variety of Activities, custom made ones. Our research with groups in the past indicated also that there are a lot of activities which are not recorded on Karrot and remain invisible/unrewarded. A Community Task Management Board could be used by groups to have all activities in one place or have task boards per Place. In the current state editors would be the ones adding activities on such a board. Depending on the nature of activities they could have a different backround color. Groups can create activities for future plans as well, that members will have to sign up for in the future. Each activity on the board could have its own chat and data repo (e.g. pdfs, links etc) and timeline. Overall such a board could offer a general overview of the ins and outs of a community and streamline cooperation and accountability and ferret out the invisible contributions as well. Could host Activities which are not tied to a Place (e.g. writing a text, reaching out to a local council, writing a funding application and more)

@nicksellen would be more capable to provide input here

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward):
A check in with groups if such a feature will be useful and how they would like to be designed (e.g. where to apper, how it would look like, etc)

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