Come to Karrot weekend! (24-26 Jan)

Dear Karrot users, foodsavers, people interested in sharing technologies and potential developers out there,

we’d like to invite you to participate in the Karrot weekend (last weekend of January) at Kanthaus in Wurzen. The weekend is part of Karrot’s hackweek and will be all about working together to improve Karrot, discuss its future development and usage and share practical experiences. Most important is getting together, getting to know each other more and strenghtening our bonds as a grassroots movement using technology to share resources in a sustainable way.

Software development skills are much appreciated but definitely not a requirement, as long as you are an active user interested in the improvement of Karrot.

The venue

The event will take place at Kanthaus, located in Wurzen, a town 20 minutes away by train from Leipzig. Kanthaus is a collective housing project focusing on the sustainable and conscious use and sharing of resources, hosting a number of events and projects related to the topic.

At Kanthaus you will experience a place where the path to communal, sustainable living and caring is being enacted in a constant flow of experimentation with technology and social organisation combined with a hands-on approach.


Participation in the event is free of charge. Accomodation (shared rooms by default, although some private rooms are available) and saved food will be provided. All that is expected from you is some participation in some of the daily tasks (like helping out with saving food, cooking or cleaning the premises). Donations are welcome, but not explicitly asked for.

Some travel costs can be reimbursed. Contact us for details.


If you’re interested, just let us know! We’re happy to discuss the details and answer whatever question you might have. You’re also welcome to join our weekly online meeting on Mondays at 12:30.


Just looking at some of the users that participate here sometimes, I wonder if any of @mzpawlowski, @Disa, @Teddy, @sylviaschneider, @karolina, @spotter, @tomasz, @Enis, @mrkojo, @decentral1se are interested in joining for the karrot weekend (and/or some of the proceeding hackweek).

Would be great to see some people that I haven’t met before in person :slight_smile: (and those that I have met).


I just replied Daniel from Luxembourg who wrote to me that some people there were interested but could not make this weekend. So I asked if anybody there would still be interested in joining a video-call. We could plan something with a nice format, for example, for each group participating to tell quickly about their local initiative, how they’re using Karrot and to get and discuss whatever feedback and ideas there are, both generic and specific. Developers could also explain a bit the background of Karrot, how they work and the plans for the future look like.

I’ll take the opportunity since there are quite some people tagged here and ask: is any of you or from your local group interested in participating in such a call, in case you cannot come in person? And if so, Sat or Sun, and what times would it work for you?


Hey Nick,
I’m very interested. However, I am in a full-time job as an accountant (Bilanzbuchhalter) and currently I get no vacation, because the annual accounts must be ready (Jahresabschluss geht vor).

I hope a lot of people appear to the karrot weekend.

Dearest greetings


Hi Nick, I’m sorry, but I’m not able to travel right now. I greatly appreciate your invitation … You make a truly fair and welcome community.

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to come,
I wish you a great week!

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Hey, thanks for asking. I cannot, I have a newborn baby :-).


Ahhh, it’s a pity that January is so chaotic, I can’t make it. However, thanks for the heads up! I hope the karrot work is going well. On a more positive note, we started a food cooperative in Rotterdam, the karrot CCC talk inspiration kept the motors turning :fire:


For those who wish to participate, we’re having a call on 2020-01-26T13:00:00Z to exchange experience on foodsaving projects and discuss Karrot (its use, feedback and plans for the future). So far we have people from groups in Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden in this call.

On Jitsi Meet

Click the like button if you want to participate.


We’d be interested. - Wrick / Food Saving Lund, Sweden


Cool! Vi ses imorgon då.

Hey @Dr.Wrick - are you about to join the call soon?

We have been talking with Daniel from Luxembourg for a while and I think we are mostly done. If you don’t find time, that’s also fine - there might be another user call in future :smiley:

Thanks again for having us in Kantahaus!
I enjoyed the nice atmosphere, feeling welcomed, programming and having deeper philosophical talks about Karrot and the world.
Hope to meet you (and hopefully others as well) again soon!