Collecting information about foodsaving groups in Italy

According to our old wiki, there have been those foodsaving groups:

There have been 6 people who wrote to about starting an initiative in Italy between 2014 and 2016:

I found an inactive group from Genova: Karrot

In case you know about one of those groups or even one that’s not on here yet, please reply here!

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Hi Tiltec
I finally arrived on this platform where I can get in touch with our “foodsharingers”

I was wondering if you got an active group in Torino, too.
That’s the city I just moved in, and I was trying to understand at which point the food sharing community has arrived here.

Are you currently in Italy?!
It would be good to get in touch with someone already inside the system!
Thanks a lot

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Hi Giulio, welcome!

I don’t know of any foodsaving/sharing groups in Torino, but you could have a look around the internet: maybe there is a group on facebook? Maybe something similar-minded, like dumpster diving, “disco soup”, food not bombs, free your stuff?

Hi Tiltec,
Thanks for your reply
nice one
Ja you are right, I may try to search with other key words
Actually I found some other groups, but as usually it is happening in Italy, they don’t answer back…
Any way, let’s see