Collecting feature requests for Karrot, Winter 2018

Hey everybody, especially Karrot users!

Wednesday next week (2018-10-31) we will have a roadmap planning session to find out which features to focus on in the next months.

For that, we’d be interested in your needs and wishes!

To get a better overview of what we are already discussing, have a look at our current roadmap. Feel free to reference existing issues, or raise completely new points.

Looking forward to read your thoughts!


We in Warsaw have a long list of features that we would like :-). I think you have some notes from the meeting in Warsaw and you know most of our needs. Just as a reminder, some points that are a bit annoying, but maybe could be fixed soon and our live wood be smoother :slight_smile:

  • There are some bugs with feedback + it would be nice to have a count counting all the kg saved!
  • There are bugs when changing anything in the pickups - there are days are duplicated, people are shifted to other days and some days disappear.
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Here’s the link to the notes Slack

I love bug-free software, so I try to fix bugs as soon as possible - no need to schedule it in a roadmap.

I think I don’t know about the feedback bugs yet, so would be great if you could open a new post with more details!
Are the problems with changing pickups related to Double pickup dates - Bug report - #5 by karolina? If yes, then let’s continue talking there.

About the feedback statistics, there’s already the store statistics. I added a comment to the issue about statistics to extend it to groups, but nobody committed to implement it… for now.

Yes, this is the Double pickup problem, but as I already commented in the
other post - this seems even broader than described there.

It would be great to have bug-free statistics and also statistics for the
whole group or some possibility to say for specific months, so just
extended options for statistics. We counted it by hand recently to show how
much we’re saving, but it would be just great to be able to see it in
Karrot summed up already.

Have a good meeting!


Wish I participated, but I couldn’t unfortunately :frowning:

I think the public places (food share points), perhaps with its own wall, would be great!

I’ve seen that you’ve been discussing this, doing some wireframes and stuff, but I think the UI should be reconceptualized a bit to improve the user experience. I’m afraid that as you add more features it might become a bit overwhelming with information, as it might feel to some already by now. I have no concrete suggestions on that now, but I’m willing to work together on it.

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I’ve made some more thinking and here are three requests, that have been discussed before, but that I’d like to see:

1 - A wall for every store. I think this will be quite useful especially if we consider generalizing stores to places, and also thinking of other use cases like the one with Bike Kitchens. The main point here is to organize better all the discussions.

2 - User mentions - @ name (I’ve seen people trying this before, as they’re probably used to it)

3 - Subscription (or favorite) stores/places. To display their pickups first at the home page and to get notifications specifically from them.


Here’s what @djahnie wrote about our session:

Winter 2018 roadmap plans and expectations

time frame: roughly november, december and january

  • Tilmann will work on refactoring, user removal and group moderation. He will not only write code but also words.
  • Nick will focus 3 areas: the meta task of finding more time to work on karrot, the higher level thing of making karrot generic, and then code on some little, niggly bits that are relevant for existing groups. (The 2nd topic means to make it into a community organizing tool with scheduling feature. Outcomes: facilitate food-share points and various community interests like eg bike kitchens. It also encompasses trying to get more users by finding more foodsaving groups consisting of foodsavers by heart (cause there’s not a lot of those).)
  • Janina will not focus a lot on dev topics before January (when Tais comes back). She’s happy to have a go at some smaller bug fixing things and/or issues raised by users. She will also write some words for the forum to try and find a (more or less) official beta testing group.

We updated our roadmap file and these issues have the highest priority:

Nick’s issue about “generalizing stores and pickups” is not in it, but I think that’s due to mistake - he’s working on it currently. Janina expressed interested this morning in working on store walls, so maybe that’s something for January if @taistadam is interested as well.

I’ll open new issues about topics that have been discussed with Foodsharing Warszawa in September, so that they may be scheduled for the spring or summer roadmaps 2019.
All things @bruno mentioned above already have issues, so that might be something for the next roadmaps as well.

Anyhow, this roadmap is fuller than ever! I hope we’ll get much done, but I’m also expecting that we might have to delay some of topics scheduled above.

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Great. Looking forward to all the new things! I think that the topics of Store subscriptions #986 and the partly related Add conversation to stores #649 would be really useful. We can’t wait when they’ll come. But I know, there is enough to do. I just wanted to support the voice that this is a thing that would help us a lot.

And one more thing. Potentially smaller (but of course I can’t really judge).

Is there a possibility to modify the time after which people become inactive users? I think now it’s about 2-3 months from the last login. We are thinking about a way to know how many people are available to pick up. We have 70 in the group, but (as probably in many groups) only 20-30 are active. If we could set it up (at least for our group) to, let’s say 4 weeks, maybe we would have a better view who is still there and active. Or some way of sorting people on time since last pick-up or something like this? That would be great.

I like the idea to sort the member list by last activity. I’d make it quite coarse, to avoid leaking information about their online life. For example, “active within the last x days”, with x being 7, 14 and 30 or so.

The inactivity timeout is actually 30 days right now, but this might be unclear to users. We also count viewing the page as activity, which still seems reasonable to me. I guess we could also show the date when somebody last participated in a pickup, if needed.

Sounds good! So we would know how many active people we have, but they can
come back if they want to.

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