Changes in voting system

Hello, there is request from our group to change voting system. As now possible voting option is from -2 to +2. Can it be change to normal „yes”, „no” voting? Or reduce range to -1 to +1?

What about putting it into words:
Strong resistance, Resistance, Neutral, Support, Strong Support

In grupe there is confusion and in some cases strong objection that some of votes have stronger decicion making then others. Thats why there is need of two votes, resistant and support only in best case, or resistant, neutral and support if first option is not possible.

I wonder if the objection is that some people exaggerate their vote by voting more strongly than they really feel, just to get their way?

Score voting is useful when there are multiple options, and people feel differently about each of them - in the future we will have some options for less harsh sanctions during conflict resolution processes, and it would seem important that people can score different options, with more than just -1/0/+1 - e.g. they might feel +2 to a 1 week ban from the group, and +1 to removing them permanently.

It’s tough to get voting systems right!

Objection is for sytuacjom than someone vote as resistant, and I vote strong support, in that case even if only is 2 vote my vote is winning one.
Especialy it is issue, when we vote to remove someone from grupe.

But I get it about This future situation :slight_smile: thanks for explain :slight_smile: