Cancellation members without contract

At FS Bilbao, we find ourselves in a chaotic situation that we are gradually solving and we need your help in this issue:

We are 83 members, 43 are inactive, and others were accepted by a member without verifying that they had a contract and trial pick up …

1 month ago we detected that all contracts were deleted long ago by mistake. We have drawn up a new contract for all members to complete before their next pick-up but pickups are being done without contracts.

We would like both registration and cancellation of members to be managed from our FSB manager user: Food Sharing Bilbao (FS), is it possible? Is there a way to remove members who do not submit the contract from our karrot group?

In this way, we could manage the correct functioning of FS Bilbao and give access to members who meet the basic requirements. It is taking us a long time to get everything up to date and we cannot be aware of whether the members who have come to pick up have sent the contract. Thanks for your help and work

Hey, thanks for getting in contact, and sorry to hear you have some chaos! (but happy to hear you are finding a way forward!).

The only ways that members are removed is:

  1. using the conflict resolution feature - the hope is here that if somebody is not behaving well, you might be able to resolve it through discussion without needing to remove them
  2. they remove themselves - can be surprisingly effective!
  3. they stop using the site - eventually inactive users will be removed

So, using all those features I could suggest you write up what your policy is and communicate that clearly - and for those of those who don’t comply, you can start a conflict resolution process, or if they don’t respond, eventually they will be removed from the group.

The activity statistics page will let you see who has done activities within a certain time period, so you can see there if they have broken the agreement.

I hope that helps! Do you think something like this would work for your group?

Hi Nick! Thanks for your help and support !!!
We were already working on the proposal you are commenting on, but right now there are 63 members with whom we would have to use the conflict resolution function and that involves a lot of time and wear and tear that we would like to dedicate to continue working on making food sharing bilbao work properly again. If there is no other possible way, we will have to be patient and generate the 63 conflicts … Thank you for the work you do!

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Ouch that sounds painful! Did you try asking them to leave voluntary? It can sometimes work surprisingly well…!

Yes … We have tried but it has not worked … Only 9 members have been involved in holding meetings to move forward with fs Bilbao … Besides, we only have one market now and we have been on the verge of losing it due to a malfunction … 20 members have sent the contract and the rest of the members continue as if nothing had happened … for that reason, we considered it necessary to do a kind of “reset” of the members of our group…

If you need a complete reset, you could also consider creating another group on karrot, and abandoning the current one (remove places, etc…).

Thank you for the work you do there too! :star: It’s not easy…

Thanks Nick! We continue working on trying to find the best solution!

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Yes, I defnitely think that it might be the easiest to create a new group.

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