Call for beta testers

Dear users of Karrot,
we need your help.

We know that our software sometimes does weird or unexpected things and especially if we change stuff, there might be new, seemingly unrelated bugs. Our team of developers is extremely small, it sometimes only consists of one single person. That’s why we cannot test for everything, even if it was possible to think of all potential bugs.

This is where you come in! We are very happy that especially foodsavers from Gothenburg, Groß-Gerau and Warsaw already take the time to systematically check out new features and submit bug reports. This helps a lot to improve everyone’s experience of Karrot!

Still, we need more. More detailed information, more people clicking around, more write-ups of how your expectation and Karrot’s behaviour differ. That’s why we’d like to form a more official beta testing team. And we want to help you to help us to help you! :wink:

The first step for this is to gather some people interested in helping out. This is no huge commitment, but more an opt-in to be asked to check out some things when we are at a point in the development process where it makes sense to have more people trying out stuff. You may have heard of our dev-site already – that would be where your contribution takes place. And afterwards you could either write some words and add some screenshots to illustrate the unwanted and/or confusing things you encountered, or we could schedule a call so that we can talk with each other in real-time.

I’m thinking of creating a feedback template, so that your work does have the impact it should have: That we understand where you’re coming from, can reproduce what you describe and can infer the possible sources of the bug, which ultimately enables us to fix it.

What do you think? Can you imagine helping out with beta testing? :slight_smile:

Sing me up.
Me and @bruno are currently testing Karrot for Bike Kitchen Gothenburg. I will start collecting users feedback and would like to forward this to devs.

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For sure! Just that sometimes I get a little undecided about where to report bugs or suggestions of improvements/features, if here on the forum or on Github.

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Using this forum for feedback could have the advantage that other Karrot users see it in the notifications and provide their view. Github issues would be more about the tech side (how to implement stuff).