Call about Karrot's general design

Call with Tim 01-12-2021

Participants: Nick, Dave, Bruno, Tim

Tim is very positive to Karrot, but has some feedback on design:

  • information overload
  • maps too prominent
  • menu takes a lot of space
  • Locations too, Sidebar takes too much space
    • for locations: headline sub-line
  • we’re loosing a lot of space

He showed us some designs he did:

  • main menu as a tiny sidebar with icons

  • a lot of space for other things

  • see all the info at once, quick and easy

  • break up the menu in 2 parts:

    • Karrot menu
    • group menu
    • he did 2 examples
  • get rid of distracting things on the side and top

  • activities, wall and favorites showing up right away

  • he tried to prioritize some things, but doesn’t know what is really important. Better to ask users

  • some suggestions on colors for trust system

  • we agree that there are some big improvements to be done with little effort

  • we’d go about it with incremental changes

  • Tim suggests he submits his designs for us, we take a look at them and then have a talk later

  • He’s also up to keep in touch, join the group and continue contributing

  • we share the designs on the forum

    • maybe try out user testing?

chat afterwards…

  • maps “useless”/really not used that much and taking space
  • reducing place menu is a good idea. Maybe a view with all the
  • liked the differentiation of karrot menu and group menu
    • will be important for the future, breaking the silo
  • feed idea without the commercial algorithms
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