Breaking the Silo - 5. Testing the prototype


Test with Daniel

Public activities prototype

Bruno: explaining 2 flows (member of a group, non-member)
create an activity is the task
welcome to find where to click

Play around
Daniel is folllowig the

  • where the link I can copy is? Is it the url on my browser

  • additional information could be the description of an activity

  • place as a term is a bit confusing in general or it can be

    • place is a working group/channel
    • if its a pick up then it is directly to a location
  • the chat: ppl who signed up but wondering how it is for ppl from the general public

Outsider’s view

  • Still bruno but no in the group

  • theoretically u can open the chat

  • desing question: if it makes sense for

  • can u join the chat before joining for an acitivity?

    • could be a way to ask a clarification question for example

    • signing up

      • should sign up before you make a question?
      • wouldnt be possible to be fully anoymous
      • (dave) how less clicks/registration is it possible to have?
        • a email address not confirmed
        • sb can sign up random ppl in this way
        • I would prefer if sb is confirmed
        • I can imaign this tool for our boarding session
        • 2 ppl are doing the onboarding sessiion
        • 10 are in the session as ‘outsiders’
    • who can see e-mail adresses ?

      • 1st iteration would be simple. not sign up
      • the very fist basic is to just display the public information
      • public events can be on the apply
      • what do other groups do (their public events). intergroup exchange/interaction
      • certain should be displayed publicly and others not?
  • introduction pick-ups

  • atm public events

    • inside our team as a well
    • communication team puts them on social media
    • sometimes its require to
    • sign up possiblity
    • usually make a form
    • it would be important to know who is helping us where for a cookinng activity
    • afterwards I would look for the activiity in an activity’s page
  • trial pickups

    • matermost and there one person asks who wants to go with me?
    • a chat where you try to match ppl that is tricky though
    • notification to ‘newcomers’ after they apply to join a group


Test with Dave

  • question regarding phone number and if there are any legal impediments for users to provide (for Karrot to collect) phone numbers

  • confused about word meeting in join meeting

  • add field for interests/skills/roles, we commented on the upcoming feature “participant types”

  • How to avoid spam and the like if not requiring registration: any open-source captcha?

  • prototype seems easy to use and straightforward in general

  • Talk went into improving conflict resolution

    • tried to find it on the issues page, to start one
    • also sees the problem with involving all members
      • gives option to choose if groupwide or fewer people
    • idea: automatically involve people active on a place, randomly picks 3 people or more. Escalate if conflict not solved
    • idea: asks who wants to help solving

Minimum Viable Product

Date: 2022-08-23
Participants: Bruno, Vas, Nick

  • aspects to consider:
    • public activity page
    • listed on the public group page
    • email confirmation/registration bureaucracy
    • random URL
    • specify location, independently of place
    • activitypub federation :slight_smile:
    • chat for non-members/public
    • captcha
    • anonymous signup without email confirmation bureaucracy
    • pretty url (e.g.
    • one-time activity vs activity series
    • activity image
    • share link
  • scenarios
    • “dave case” → share a semi-private link in a telegram channel, anon/captcha signup (?)
    • general public events → listed on public page, nice url? like, etc…
      • giving an idea of how many people might join?
    • introduction pickup →
  • questions?
    • is there a minimum number of public slots? no… could be 0, e.g. some general public events
    • if there was a chat who can join? public? or just for members?
    • should be some of the activity information be hidden from the public view?
    • if people signup via email, what emails would they get?
      • event details?
      • chat notifications? could be confusing…
  • what would be an MVP?
    • public activity page
    • random URL
    • one-time activities only
    • no public signup, information only
    • activity image?
    • a shitty signup option?
      • hard to get something minimal
    • chat without having to register?
      • hard to get something minimal
  • next level up?
    • public signup, captcha? email loop? <— which one?
      • needing to contact people about the event, so email is good for that…
      • the email loop thing could be nice for getting the confirmed information about the activity?
    • listing on public group page