Breaking the Silo - 4. Mockup/prototype

In a co-working session today, Vasilis and I started detailing a mockup for how public activities or public events would work. A prototype seems like too much work for now. After doing the mockup we’ll send it to anyone interested for further feedback. We also played a bit with Mobilizon and discussed the idea brought up during Karrot Days by Daniel of building it on top of Activity pub to be able to connect to Mobilizon. Probably an idea for the future, but need to check feasibility and amount of work with @nicksellen .

For the mockup…

Flow of creating a public activity from member’s perspective:

  • start by entering Manage Activities
  • choose either Series or One-time
  • choose type of activity
  • choose date and time
  • toggle make it public
  • choose slots for group members
  • choose slots for non-group members
  • information
  • add banner image
  • preview
  • Create
  • dialog to copy the URL for the activity

From the perspective of a non-member:

  • get the URL and lands on a page where the main focus is the activity
  • can see banner image, place and a map (if place has a location), description/info, date and time, and slots to sign-up
  • click on join
  • provide name and e-mail (not publicly displayed)
    • question of whether to provide phone number and where to display it
  • there’s a chat for the activity and person gets subscribed to it