Bell notification for newly created activity in places marked as favorite

User story: Request for bell notifications when new activities are created (from a friend of Nick who is trialling karrot for a group in Bath):

Secondly my query was…someone in our group posted a new activity in a place that I had favourited, but it didn’t show up in my notifications on the app. I only saw it as I happened to be looking at ‘history’.

I’ve turned off all email notifications and would rather not use that to hear about things. Is there something I need to do to be notified of new activities or is that just how it works?

Complexity: Not very complex I think

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): A bit more discussion to see if that would be a nice to have feature for other groups. Any input here?

Personally, sounds reasonable to have a notification like that on favorite places.

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