Banner/cover image for places

Whats below is just an idea, not a need.

User story:
As a member of the group, I’d like to be able to set and then preview banner/cover image of the selected place to make easier for other group members to find the place.

Possibility to see an individual photo of a place on the page of this place.


  • Making easier for other group members to get to know the place better and possibly find it based on the place photo.

Possible acceptance criteria:

  1. Addition of possibility to upload a image from edition of the place page
  2. Addition the option of cropping the image to a format suitable for any device - it should be relatively universal for desktop / mobile
  3. Addition the image should work from group member’s device files
  4. After addition the image, edit option should allow to:
    1. Clean - delete image
    2. Reset - restore to the initial state
    3. Cancel - cancel all changes
    4. Save changes - apply the above changes
  5. Visible thumbnail of the image in the edition of the place page
  6. The image should only be visible only on the selected place page.
  7. Optional changes of the “art-wrapper” class for the place page without image, so wrapper will be adapted to the same format as the place page with the image (this may be a suggestion for a group members that it is worth upload the image)

pt. 1. - image setting in place setting

pt. 1. - image modal

pt. 2, 3. - cropping uploaded image in modal

pt. 5. - uploaded image in place setting

pt. 6. - image view on place page (mobile)

pt. 6. - image view on place page (desktop)

pt. 7. (optional) - new wrapper on place page (mobile)

pt. 7. (optional) - new wrapper on place page (desktop)

Potential use:
(in other places that are not the subject of this user story):

  • Probably none

Additional info:
User story was written before I found the banner image in public activities - so few mockups in this user story can be ignored. Banner image looks cool for reusing it to create banner/cover image for place page.