An "inspiration bot" feature inside karrot?

At our governance design process meeting the other day (Governance Meeting Notes - #18 by Katie_Berns) an idea came up to create a feature that shares inspiring messages somewhere inside karrot.

Slack has this, so when the page is loading it can show you a message, and you can customize these messages. The yunity slack used these quite nicely, and people enjoyed them!

I also follow this bot on the fediverse that is a related idea

The concept would be to remind people to connect with the higher values of karrot itself and the values of the group.

I have no idea what the implementation would be like. Could be like slack, as the page is loading… or somewhere on the “wall” page, or as a wall message (could be confusing)… or a banner somewhere…

I like the concept but not very enthusiastic about any of my ideas for how to implement it. Would welcome any thoughts!

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