Adding images to wall conversations

There has been a few requests to make it possible to upload images to conversations (which includes walls) and we have a GitHub issue for it, which I just started working on :slight_smile:

I’d like to share what I’ve done so far and ask for any input/feedback from you. Here’s what it looks like after my first batch of work on it:

To come up with that idea I looked at a few chat platforms where I have accounts to see how they do it, and the slack style seemed to make most sense to me, here’s the ones I found:

slack image upload

  • multiple images
  • mini thumbnails underneath message input
  • you can add/remove images whilst you’re composing the message
  • press send and message + zero or more images are published


rocket chat image upload

  • big modal for image upload
  • have “file name” and “description” fields
  • only 1 image


whatsapp web image upload

  • multiple images
  • also a big preview field for a selected image
  • can add a “caption”


zulip image upload

  • markdown syntax formatted (GitHub style)
  • multiple images allowed
  • (small) preview button to view rendered post


So, any thoughts?


The bike kitchen group seems to have been most enthusiastic about having this, so maybe @bruno and @Disa have some input here?

It’s available for trying out at now :slight_smile: (login with / foofoo)

I actually implemented it for not just wall conversations but any of them.


The goal is to merge this work this Thursday, and then deploy to production maybe a few days later if all seems well.

So, any feedback before then is most welcome (but also after that is fine :slight_smile: )

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