Add status with emoji and message

User story:
As a member of a group, I want to let my group know about what is going on by setting a status with an emoji and a message. I can choose an emoji, e.g. :mountain_snow:, and fill in a text message explaining what is going on, e.g. that I am hiking without Internet connection for the whole weekend. A few other example use cases: :face_with_head_bandage: when being sick, :fire: when having a lot of energy, :hourglass_flowing_sand: when taking a conscious break.

This status should be displayed on the person’s profile. The emoji should also shown in a corner of the avatar, and the text should be displayed when hovering over it.

Questions to be clarified:

  • Should the status be per instance or per group? Having a status per group might enable more detailed sharing when being in multiple groups (How will my absence affect this group? / I will show myself more vulnerable with a group I trust.), while getting the user experience right would be more challenging.
  • What about from and to dates? People tend to forget to remove their status, so an expiry date would make sense. A starting date would also be useful when planning a time offline for instance.