Adapting Karrot to dumpster divers

Hey wonderful people,
since there was a dumpster diving group initiated on Karrot for my hometown, I was thinking of collecting ideas and opinions on how Karrot could be even more usefule to this group.

1. Wording
Having shops being “co-operating” is actually not always the most correct wording.
I think this is really not important at the moment, but could become more important in case, Karrot wants to be opened for other things apart from food stores.

2. Retrospective feedback
I thought on how experiences for dumpster diving places could be shared more easily. For a small group of dumpster divers it could be easier to give a feedback after action, without having signed in for a pickup before. One of the big advantages of dumpster diving is the possible spontaneity.
For bigger groups I imagine it to be better, having the slots again, if the groups wants to coordinate itself more effectively.

3. Dumpstermap / hitchwiki style
Like on dumpster map, the amount of food is interesting, but other things will be intersting here as well.
For example how to access the food and changes e.g. when it comes to locking away food.
At the moment, all this information fits best into the shop description.
But it feels wrong to edit the shop with every experience.
It would be great to have a mix of the dumpstermap style combined with the hitchwiki style for accessing the most important information fast.

4. Sign up for experience notifications
Maybe it’s interesting to be informed about experiences/feedback for favourite shops.

It would be really interesting to hear some more voices and opinions!
Best wishes from Ulm, Germany


Perhaps changing the statuses to “open and accessible” instead of “co-operating” and “closed and not accessible” for “not cooperating” would be useful. “Negotiating” could become something like “harder access”

I imagine that it would be easier to implement that, the map being full screen, clicking on the place would display the description and/or last wall messages.

Perhaps a notification for new feedback on certain places or all places would be useful in that case

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