Account delete after voting to remove This person

Quick question, is it possible that someone else delete someone account?
Or is it possible that newest version od karrot delete account of user who was removed from foodsharing groupe after voting(voting end that This person will be remove from grupe)?

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After the voting, the user will be removed from the group, but they will still have their account if they want to join other groups.

Maybe you can share some more details if you are unsure what has happened in your case.



And any other person cannot delete her/his account?
We try to resolve some doubts why account was remove moments after voting was finish. Most propably user delete it by himself but we want to be sure.

Or other question:
Can you tell how account can be delete?

An user can delete their own account any time, by clicking the button on their profile page.

If they do so, they automatically leave all groups they are part of. You can look your group’s history to verify if this is the case. Note that both user name and phote won’t be accessible anymore after the user left the group, which makes it a bit hard to verify indeed…

Hmm… This is curiose as two of such person are still visiable by our grupe. And last person removed from grupe is not visiable.

Two examples, one person looks like This after remove from grupe:

Second person removed same way:

(Under red marker there are personal data)

In the second case, it might be you are both part of another group, e.g. the playground group. Is this possible?

The little brown menu that says “change group” should show you which groups you have in common still.

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Yup, sandbox most propably! Thank you!

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