Tasks for Events

Hi People,

Here is Dave from Robin Foods. What a nice work! It really helps us with our pickups.

Further I would suggest and what we still really need for our community to thrive:

  • Possiblity to arrange tasks in an event, where people can sign up for specific tasks, so the event can be a success.

For example:
Food Waste Catering Event

and Tasks would be
** I can prepare and cut fruits
** I have a kitchen for cooking
** I can transport the food with my cargo bike

This would be really great.

Really appreciate your work,

Best Regards,




Hey Dave! I was really excited to see your group on Karrot, and even more excited that you found your way to the forum to join in :slight_smile:

We have had a bit of turbulent time lately, with a lot of people having other things happening in their life, so we are not super fast at engaging with all the topics at the moment. We prioritise slow, long term stability though, we’re planning to be around for a long time, being realistic about the capacities we have. So, that’s just to calibrate a few expectations from my/our side.

More specifically on your topic, I have thought about having multiple “roles” within each pickup/activity before, and it’s come up before (it’s a bit related to this idea from 2017), it definitely makes sense to me too.

It actually is slightly related to something we put some more thought into recently: Applicant trial pickup proposal - in that proposal the activities can have separate trial slots, so it could be by extending that concept to include other types of custom slots it could work as you describe.

However, that could be quite limited, as sometimes the subtasks might have different times or locations (e.g. transporting the food with the cargo bike would be from a different location, and before the event itself occurs), so it might make more sense to be able to group together activities/tasks into an event so you can see they are related.

For now, creating seperate activities is the only way to go about this.

We’re slowly evolving our design processes to learn how best to understand the needs of the groups and create something that will be useful for all groups, a good starting point for now is a discussion on here, and if we want to progress it I suggest a video meeting to discuss more, we/you can also share sketches in the thread here…

… but yeah, just please be aware our capacity is quite low, and we have quite a few ideas to work on building up already :worried:

Very glad to have you here anyhow! :hugs:

In Warsaw I was wondering about events that are online nowadays or offline. We could use a “store” and make it an “event” to allow better communication about the event. But this wouldn’t be perfect as there are some features of the event (really many people can join, there should be a separate page for each event with a place for notes/minutes after the event, would be cool to have invitations). Is there a plan to have events as a separate tab and feature?

PS I’m not sure I’m in the right place, but I couldn’t find a better one ;-).

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I think it is a good place for the topic!

I can see/imagine the need for this kind of organising, what I’m thinking could be way forward is building it on top of individual activities, but adding:

  1. a whole page view for one activity (i.e. the main event)
  2. allowing “sub activities” that can show more specific things that people can sign up to
  3. allowing activities to spread over multiple days (and “all day” events like calendars usually have)
  4. activities to have a “title” perhaps, in addition to the description

A few questions for @karolina :

  • do you mean inviting people who are already in your group on karrot, or anyone? (e.g. by email address)
  • what kind of communication about the event do you do?
  • could the feedback feature be useful for the notes/minutes? (maybe an additional field?)

… I wonder at which point it becomes too much stuff to add into activities, and there should be another type of thing, but I think it might fit still …

Great to read this discussion here and see someone new at the forum from Robin Foods!

I like Nick’s suggestions about making activities more useful. Right now you could easily set up an activity type as an event or as task, so that’s what I’d suggest @dave_goodman_jr to try out. But it’s not possible to create tasks as sub-activities, to invite people or to have a more prominent display for an activity/event.

Regarding invitations, we’ve talked about it some time ago at Invite a friend to a pickup (feature suggestion), and it might be the case again if we conceive of events as an activity. Another way to go about it is to implement the @-mentions which people are used to in different platforms.


I wonder too what would be the case for Robin Foods

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Inviting anyone (Also non-registered karrot users) would be really really great… it would replace all doodles and we can reach a lot of people…
A kind of “shareable” activity with a share link that I can post in different groups. That would be really impressive… :heart_eyes:

This all sounds good! I would think that having the activities not under the “shops” but as a separate panel like “Statistics” would also help.

I mean inviting people from Karrot, but that they become some notification that they are invited. So that they don’t need to search under shop whether there is something new or not. For now we just have a shop that is called “meetings” but would be better to make it a separate thing.

We use Facebook and it sends invitations, has a page for discussion about the event, a calendar, etc. But as I said (pin it on the wall) “Everyone has Karrot but not everyone has Facebook” so we kind of have a double reality - same stuff in both channells.

Yes, feedback is useful and we use it, but it’s the same for all so some people write “Cool event, thanks” and one person posts the notes that kind of get lost between the “Thanks for the meeting” comments. So it would be cool if there could be a special place for notes/minutes additionally to feedback where many people write just a few words (which is nice and cool!).