See who's active (participating in activities) in the group

User story: From Kranti, Foodsaving Leuven

Currently, there is no way of knowing how many active volunteers we have. The ‘members’ tab shows the number of active members based on whether they have logged in to in the last 3 months, not based on whether they have done pickups. It could be good to see the complete list of volunteers in the statistics tab to see who has done/missed/no-shows how many pick ups in last week/month/year.

Complexity: not very complex

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): some suggestions or sketches on how and where to display this info

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I noticed there are two requests in what was written above. One is what this post is about - number of activity participating people in the group - and the other is statistics about individual group members. The latter already exists and will be probably complemented with no-show statistics by the ongoing work Allow to record no-shows during feedback process

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Indeed. We would like to know “number of activity participating people in the group”. That gives an idea on if we could increase the number of pickups and we are sure we have enough hands to do it.
Thanks again for accepting the request.

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