Invitation to video call about solving conflicts and making decisions, with Foodsharing

Hello people from all the different foodsaving communities out there!

Would you like to participate in a call with Foodsharing Germany to talk about good ways of making decisions in your group and how to deal with conflicts?

In this call Foodsharing Germany will make a quick presentation about their current system for solving conflicts in the group, how they are re-evaluating it and trying to find better and more democratic ways of making decisions. Then it would be interesting to learn more about the experiences and challenges in your group and have a fruitful and inspiring conversation about these topics!

This is a great opportunity for the different foodsharing communities around the world to connect, share their experience and learn from each other.

When: 2020-09-03T12:00:00Z If you are interested, let us know when you can! Take a look at this time pool and mark the day(s) and time(s) that would work for you. The poll will be closing in 10 days from the day this is posted.

Duration: 1h30
Where: Raum Kiwi


Ping people to see if they or anyone in their respective groups would be interested in this…
@karolina in Warsaw, @danveg in Luxemburg and @Teddy in Östersund.

From Gothenburg, @Disa and @Andrea

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Also ping to @sylviaschneider from EfA, @faust from UIO and @mettodo from Bilbao.


i cant say anything about my plans in sept, or the schedules. So pls let me know when its decided. I hope i can make it!
Sad news: foodsaving uio @ karrot isnt working a lot. I continue to motivate people to join, but sadly not even conflicts…

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Preliminary date, take note! 2020-09-03T12:00:00Z, it’s a Thursday. Will be confirmed soon!

I plan to attend, maybe with somebody else from Foodsharing Luxembourg.



It’s is confirmed then: 2020-09-03T12:00:00Z. The call should last one and a half hour, and will take place at Raum Kiwi

Starting in a few minutes!

Hi, I have missed the meeting and am sorry about it! :anguished: I would be happy to get to know the meeting’s outcome.

Hej @danveg! There are some notes made here: HedgeDoc - Collaborative markdown notes

Anytime in the future we will try to organize a community process to design features for decision-making for Karrot, based on all the shared experience and knowledge we collect. Is this something you would be willing to participate in somehow? I think the more input we get from different groups using Karrot, the better!

Thanks for the notes! Sure, I have just subscribed to the thread about this topic to keep track of next meetings.

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