Funding and transparency: thank you


Transparency when it comes to funding is extremely rare and I’m very happy to be able learn and about your efforts to apply for an NLnet grant. I know about two other places where one can find such transparency: the forgefriends project with the details of the DAPSI grant obtained this year. And the Gitea project who applied for an NLnet grant at the same time as Karrot (I would post links to those only discourse would flag me as a spammer so… I’ll do that later :wink: ).

Would someone from Karrot be willing to give a five minutes talk about funding Free Software projects in a transparent way during the upcoming webinar on forge federation that will be held January 19th, 10:00am → 11:59am UTC+1? It would be a great source of inspiration to everyone.

What do you think?


Yes, I like the transparency culture. We started with it quite early on when was alive/active, which we emerged from.

Inventaire also published some information on their nlnet funding → Details about NLNet funding - InventaireWiki (although not all the communications)

I’m sure somebody could participate in a lightning talk. @Vasilis_Ntouros, @bruno, and me are the three that were involved in working on that.

(also, I made you a normal member, so you should be able to add links now)

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This is excellent news :tada: I added an item on the tentative agenda. It is a wiki post, feel free to edit the description. The preparations of the webinar are here if you’re curious but there is nothing required from speakers. The agenda will be finalized early next week.

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Thanks @dachary ! We’ll bring this up at our next weekly meeting to see who can do the presentation. We don’t have much experience yet with funding for Karrot specifically, as this is only the second inflow of money we’ve got, but we do have ongoing discussions about how money would impact the project, how to distribute it and so on. Transparency is part of it and key to build trust and accountability, imo. It would be interesting to hear from other projects how they deal with these topics.

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The webinar will be advertised starting Wednesday 5th, January 2022. I wrote a quick summary about what your talk could be about based on our conversations here and on Matrix. I will of course only publish with your explicit agreement :slight_smile: Feel free to edit what I wrote: these must be your words. If Wednesday is too short of a deadline, I’ll just move your talk out of the agenda until it is ready.

Happy new year! :tada:

The webinar will be advertised later today. Would you be so kind as to provide a short summary of your presentation? In case the proposed summary is not a good match.