Bell notification for @-mention does not bring you to the message

This is a possible bug… I won’t include it on Github until others can reproduce it.

User story: Got my bell notifications when mentioned in a conversation thread of a place wall and by clicking it will lead me only to the wall of the place where the conversation is happening, not the thread itself where I can see the message

Complexity: not sure

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): more people to report on the same problem, then create an issue on Github for it to be fixed

I could re-create it indeed. It would have affected every @-mention that takes place within a thread.

Should be fixed in dev now (once it deploys). It was a backend-only change.

Commit → Bell notification to threads to link to message · karrot-dev/karrot-backend@e15cd88 · GitHub

Ah that means Mention Notifications won't lead to the right thread is a duplication of this.

There is still a bug… in the backend. We return the wrong url for mention notifications…